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(Sneakers) Look up! If you missed out on a $100,000+ pair of Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force cheap purse 1s (talking about a shocking drop) at Virgil Abloh's collaboration auction in February, now is your chance to enjoy this holy grail glory. The exaggerated Beast and Bayes won't officially debut until their retail launch in June, but you can now see all 47 pairs of exclusive Uptowns (Sneakers from Air Force 1) designed by the luxury house's late creative director, Abu Luo. They will be on display at the Vuitton interactive exhibit at Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse through the end of May.

Designer Jonathan Cohen has launched the first pop-up store (above) where fans can shop wholesale replica handbags for his signature floral dress, from now through June 14th. Located at 833 Madison Avenue, this two-story space features a new tailoring collection of the same name and unique menswear pieces. A curated selection of accessories, books and homewares from brands luxury fake handbags such as Dempsey , Carroll and Assouline complete the product and unleash his edgy party aesthetic.

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